Spotcap Leads Way In Multi-Lender Deal

  • Who? Cashflow Bridge & Fischer D’Alton
  • Business Focus? Construction investment
  • How Much? £300,000
  • What For? Create national construction group

“When it finally happened, it was a big moment and everyone was over the moon.” Leanne Barry, Director of Cashflow Bridge, says with excitement.

But let’s rewind back to the beginning: aiming to become a national construction group, Nigel Cowdrey, director of Fischer D’Alton, needed £5.5m in order to acquire shares in a number of construction companies.

The search for funding had proven challenging, so Nigel reached out to Leanne from Cashflow Bridge. Leanne, an experienced broker, successfully managed to secure the finance from a variety of sources.

The final solution included an unsecured loan £300,000 from Spotcap, along with £2.3m from a selection of unsecured and invoice finance lenders.

The deal will be the first of many: going forward, lenders, brokers and businesses all need to start thinking outside the box to remain competitive.

To dive a bit deeper and explore how and why this might happen, we produced a short video featuring Nigel, Leanne and Kevin from Spotcap. You can check it out here:

Business growth awaits

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