Speeding Away

Greeves, Hesketh and Norton or Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki? Whether it’s home-made brands or international favourites, motorcycles represent speed, freedom and youth.

We recently lent money to a premier motorcycle dealer offering anything and everything you need as a motor enthusiast – a new ride, clothing, accessories or servicing and repairs. With the help of a fully unsecured £80,000 loan from Spotcap, the company is refurbishing its showroom to better showcase its goods.

The initiative is a smart move in an increasingly tough market. According to recent figures by the Motorcycle Industry Association, new motorcycle registrations have fallen for seven months in a row. In order to counteract this downward trend and remain competitive, dealers are finding innovative ways to stand out.

Investing in initiatives that will make a difference is crucial to counteract any negative trends in demand. By offering straightforward loans that are easy to understand and manage, Spotcap is proud to help UK SMEs quickly address and adjust their sales strategies so they are “ready to ride” and achieve their full potential.

Business growth awaits

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