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  • Amount
    £ 125,000
  • Duration
    9 months
PeriodPrincipal amountInterest amountOutstanding amount
For illustrative purposes only. The example shown above is based on 1.5% average monthly interest rate and 2.0% arrangement fee. The APR (annual percentage rate) is 24.2%, which includes both interest and fee. The total payable amount is . This amount consists of principle, interest and fee. We base our decisions on several criteria and loans can only be granted to borrowers who can afford repayments. For more information about responsible lending click here or contact us directly.

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Teas that please

Teas that please

No, not a cup of Earl Grey, but rather a cold colourful drink with tapioca balls. When a bubble tea company with many branches across England and Scotland got in touch we were keen to help. Having demonstrated profit and stable revenues, a short term loan was the perfect fit.
Finances on par

Finances on par

When a little birdie told us about the opportunity to finance a golf store we were more than happy to play caddie to see what we could do. The profitable retailer based in the South-East was able to demonstrate stable finances, making a positive decision possible within 24 hours.
The future looks bright

The future looks bright

A leading automated lighting supplier, based in the Midlands, recently switched procurement from within the UK to the Far East. As a result, the cash flow changed, and funds were needed to ensure continuity of supply. Within one day we provided a loan and the outlook is once again bright!

"Spotcap’s business is based around new technology to help meet small business needs more efficiently than traditional lenders (...)"

"Spotcap lends to small and medium-sized companies, offering applicants a loan decision minutes after an algorithm rates their creditworthiness."

"The company uses an innovative credit scoring technology that directly evaluates real-life business data to provide fast and flexible financing."

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