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Retail Financing

Finance for retail businesses up to £350,000

Suitable for well-established businesses

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No early repayment fees

What is retail financing?

Retail financing entails sourcing additional capital such as commercial loans that are more suited for retail businesses. Retailers can be more susceptible to seasonal fluctuations and other external factors that influence demand, meaning they may need to look towards alternative financing options.

Using retail financing as a short-term funding boost?

Whether you sell online, in the high street, or through a mix of channels, customer expectations never stand still. Retail businesses need to keep up with seasonal demand and changing trends, and that is where short-term loans can support the business. Unsecured loans can be an efficient way for retailers and small businesses to inject capital into their businesses.    Check to see if your retail business qualifies for an unsecured business loan.

How does retail business finance work?

Depending on the product, retailers need to actively and effectively respond to the rise or fall of demand. Responding to an increase in the demand for a product often requires purchasing additional supplies, equipment or software. Seasonal demand can even require hiring additional staff and may require investing in supplementary retail finance.

Similarly, preparing for the low-season or a downward trend in the demand for the product requires different financial preparations. Retail financing can help with cash-flow maintenance and inject some extra working capital as a buffer between seasons.

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Reasons to apply for retail financing

There are many ways you could use a loan to support your retail business

  • Cover your inventory orders

    Keep your big sellers in stock or bring the newest products to your customers. Use a credit line to access funds only when you need them.
  • Invest in new technology

    Payment systems and store management tools are changing fast. Having funds available can assist your business when processing payments and managing stock.

  • Cover unexpected costs

    A flexible credit line can give you access to funds you can withdraw to take care of the unexpected, such as late payments or a larger order.
  • Managing invoices and payments

    Use retail financing to secure overseas orders and manage deposits. Working capital injections can help avoid payment bottlenecks.

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