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The Spotcap story

Who we are

Spotcap is a multi-market online lender. A lot of businesses find securing the right finance too complicated and too time-consuming. Spotcap offers an alternative. Using technology and that human touch we provide established business with access to swift and straightforward business loans up to £350k.

What we do

The Spotcap loan application can be completed on our website or by working together with a financial adviser, broker or accountant. We do traditional underwriting, but use technology to do it faster and smoother. This and our ability to predict future performance, allows us to offer a transparent and competitively priced product.

Why we do it

Why offer funding to established businesses? There are 5.7 million small and mid-sized private companies in the UK. Empowering them is our reason for being. Our loans give them the freedom to make the most of opportunities, and the peace of mind to focus on their vision.

Spotcap in numbers

Founded in 2014

£350m+ credit lines approved

10,000+ loans taken

£85m+ capital raised

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