How to apply for a business loan from Spotcap

Because your time is valuable, we’ve designed our application process to be as short as possible. It’s backed by our proprietary credit assessment technology that analyses the financial condition of your business, based on key financial documents

1 - We need basic information about your business

To start the loan application process, we need to know:

Information about those responsible for your business.
Some key details about your business including name, registration number and legal type.
How and when you expect to use the finance.

2 - Upload your financial documents or connect your accounting software

To save you time, we don’t ask you to prepare any documents specially for the application, such as a business plan or cash flow forecasts. To enable us to assess the financial condition of your business, you need to upload the documents listed below. All these documents must be up-to-date and in CSV or XLS format.

Applying on behalf of a
limited company:

Annual account (balance and profit/loss account) - up to the last 2 years

If the business is part of a group, please provide consolidated accounts and an organisational chart showing the percentage of ownership

VAT returns for up to the last 15 months (the last five quarters, or 15 months if you declare VAT monthly).

If available, management or provisional company accounts for the current year (balance sheet and profit and loss statement).

Applying as a sole trader or

Yearly self-assessment filed with HMRC for up to the last two years.

VAT returns for up to the last 15 months (the last five quarters, or 15 months if you declare VAT monthly).

3 - Upload your business bank account information

We need confirmation of your bank account details and to see your bank statements, please provide the following.

Enter your business account name, number and sort code

Upload your bank statement as a CSV file providing transactions of the past 12 months

Upload your current bank balance as a screenshot

The screenshot must contain the account holder’s name, account number and current balance.
To send us your bank statements, first download them from your bank in CSV format, and then upload them as part of your application. We need the statements for the last 12 months.
Spotcap analyses your financial statements and recent company data solely for the purpose to gather information to qualify for a Spotcap business loan.
Spotcap takes your security and privacy very seriously. All data that you submit to us is encrypted using one of the strongest security systems commercially available.

How long does the process take?

Your completed application, including uploading the documentation we ask for, is analysed by our unique credit assessment algorithm and our expert finance team. We usually provide a decision within one working day (24 hours). If your application is approved, the funds will be available immediately.

Do you need help with the application process? Get in touch and one of our team will guide you through the process.