The Spotcap Story

About us

Spotcap was founded with an in-depth knowledge of financial services, an entrepreneurial spirit and a clear objective: to deliver fast, fair and flexible business loans to our customers so that they can focus on what matters most – running their business.

Our mission

Every business has a vision. Our purpose is to help them live it.

Business leaders are driven. They’re decisive, persistent, and resilient. They see what a better future could be, and put in the work to make it happen. It’s their dedication that inspires our purpose: to enable their progress with straightforward access to finance.

Spotcap In Numbers

Founded in 2014

1000+ customers

500+ active partners

£90m raised globally

£25m UK credit line run rate

"Spotcap’s business is based around new technology to help meet small business needs more efficiently than traditional lenders (...)"

“Spotcap lends to small and medium-sized companies, offering applicants a loan decision minutes after an algorithm rates their creditworthiness.”

"The company uses an innovative credit scoring technology that directly evaluates real-life business data to provide fast and flexible financing."

Spotcap UK Ltd.

Regal House 14 James Street London WC2E 8BU

Spotcap UK Ltd is registered in England and Wales under company number: 09351116. Registered office address: Regal House, 14 James St, London WC2E 8BU, United Kingdom. Copyright © Spotcap 2019. All rights reserved.