Our unique approach to business lending is making a difference

Our Mission

We empower SMEs with tailored finance, allowing them to focus on what really matters – their business. We are fuelled by a fundamental belief that easy access to financing products is beneficial to business owners.

Today business owners want a quicker, more versatile approach to borrowing. We provide fully unsecured business loans and use technology to make the lending process straightforward and swift. We base our decision on recent business performance rather than business plans and forecasts. This allows us to offer loans without the need for businesses owners to give personal guarantees and take on unnecessary risk.

The Spotcap loan has given thousands of business owners the confidence, security and freedom to achieve the vision for their business. It is available in five markets globally.

Spotcap In Numbers

2014 Founded

130 Employees

1000+ Customers

500+ Active Partners

£90 Million Raised Globally

£25m UK Credit Line Run Rate


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