Is Spotcap right for you?

Before you ask to borrow money or increase your credit line, it’s worth thinking about your own circumstances. In order to make an informed decision and determine the amount of credit that is right to you we ask that you:

  • provide accurate and complete information on your application.
  • regularly assess your borrowing and other financial commitments and, if you expect to face payment difficulty in the future, or if you are having difficulties in managing your monthly payments, contact us so we can discuss any help/assistance available.
  • understand the terms and conditions on which the money is borrowed, seeking further information and help if needed.
  • decide for yourself how much you wish to borrow, up to the maximum we will lend based on your circumstances.

Do not just go to the first provider if you need to get a loan. Even though you know and trust us check out other providers whether they have products that are better suited to your particular situation. You can save a good amount of money just by spending some time on doing your research.

When considering applying for our credit line and drawing money, be sure you understand the repayment method and schedule. Contact us anytime if you have any questions – we’re there to help you plan your repayments ahead of the due date.

Before you draw money under our credit line, carefully consider the amount of money that you really need. You should borrow only the amount of money that will be needed in the short term, and that you will be able to pay back at the end of the term of the loan. Our credit line allows you to draw flexibly at any time – you can always come back and draw again (within your individual credit limit). It is smart to borrow the smallest amount possible: this will allow you to keep your costs down.

It is important that you ensure that you can pay back whatever money you take out. Missing your payment will cause the lender to find other means to get what you owe. Remember to contact us as soon as you realise that you cannot keep up with repayments: we can discuss your circumstances and consider your request to alter your repayment plan to help you get out of debt. The earlier you contact us, the more flexible we are with regard to your repayment schedule.