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“We try to help business owners walk tall. When their banks have been unable or reluctant to support we step in to offer alternative options and products to help the business meet its needs and continue to grow.”

Mike Stanley

Shaw & Co

“We are heavily focused on the relationships with our clients. It’s very much a cornerstone of Shaw & Co – building strong relationships so we are with them at every stage of the life cycle.”

Colin Burns


“I was given the opportunity to start a new brokerage alongside some already successful people within the finance industry. This is where I was given much more freedom in terms of the finance products I could offer my clients.”

Leanne Barry

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“We have a panel of over 30 funders right now but we are working on adding product lines so we can continue our mission to help business owners. There are so many different types of finance out there. It’s difficult for business owners to know what they qualify for. This is where we can help.”

Annabel Ah-Lim

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