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Touch Financial initially provided invoice finance only. However, we have since expanded our offering to cover more forms of finance.

Tell us about Touch Financial – what do you do?

“Touch Financial is part of the SFP Group and was founded ten years ago. The creation of a brokerage was a natural extension of the commercial finance services offered by the group.

Quite quickly Touch was able to establish a reputation of providing market-leading levels of service and initially provided invoice finance, only. However, we have since expanded our offering to cover more forms of finance.”

What types of funding do you offer?

“Invoice finance and business loans. We have a panel of over 30 funders right now but we are working on adding product lines so we can continue our mission to help business owners. There are so many different types of finance out there. It’s difficult for business owners to know what they qualify for. This is where we can help.”

Can you share an example of a business you helped recently?

“We placed a customer, a recruiting agency, with an invoice finance provider 3-4 years ago. They were having cash flow issues and needed additional funding. The invoice finance facility was quite limited because there was a cap on the funding line, so the customer came back to Touch. We were able to find a loan provider for them and get funding to ease the cash flow issues.”

How did Spotcap come into the picture?

“We met with Spotcap when they first entered the UK market, even before we launched our loan product. When we did start brokering loans in 2017 we were looking to build a broad panel of different lenders to suit our clients’ different needs—it was natural to get back in touch.”

What is it like working with Spotcap?

“It’s a really good relationship. Our consultants enjoy that they can deal with the account managers directly. The loan dashboard is really simple and it just makes it really easy.

What we’ve always liked about Spotcap as a lender is that you don’t tend to take a personal guarantee. It fills a real gap in the market. And also your rates are very competitive, which doesn’t hurt.”

Ready to take your client's business to the next level?

Annabel Ah-Lim, Director