Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Spotcap is currently not assessing new loan applications in the UK. For further information click here.


We help business owners walk tall.

Tell us about Funding Options and your work

“We help business owners walk tall. When their banks have been unable or reluctant to support we step in to offer alternative options and products to help the business meet its needs and continue to grow.”

How did you get started supporting businesses with finance needs?

“We started by trying to offer a website that is similar to some out there in the world of personal finance. We had a vision to make borrowing money for your company as simple and as hassle-free as it is to apply for a personal loan or personal credit card.”

How did Spotcap come into the picture?

“Spotcap came to us with the ability to offer something different to our customers and something that was not available across the alternative market. They wanted to do things a little differently which really suited and supported our customers.”

What is it like working with Spotcap?

“The team are great. They constantly listen to our feedback and are pushing for more ways to support business where the banks continue to fall short. Both our teams have a great relationship and share the same passion for helping businesses that want to grow. I look forward to working very closely over the coming years.”

Ready to take your client's business to the next level?

Mike Stanley, Lender Support Manager