Growth Advice from the Brightest Business Minds of Britain

What a week it has been!

We are excited to have participated in The Business Show. The event welcomes businesses from a cross-section of industries. As one of 350 exhibitors, we shared advice and information on how UK businesses can continue to improve, evolve and grow in a challenging economy.

Below is an overview of the collective wisdom from some of Britain’s brightest business minds.

Use consistent messaging for impression and impact

Consumers expect to interact with brands across a range of online platforms, but many brands fail to create consistency online. This can leave consumers feeling confused over brand messaging. Use consistent messaging for impression and impact.

–  UK2 Group

Prove that your reviews and testimonals are credible

More people are questioning whether online reviews can be trusted. A quote from a customer isn’t enough anymore. Prospective and existing clients want proof that it’s real and that your business is credible.

– 123-reg

Understand your customer’s user journey

Finding your audience is only the first piece part of the puzzle, you must also understand your audience and their behaviour on your website. On average 95% people will exit your website straight away. Tailor your website so people stay on your website longer, and can find the information they need easily.

–  The UK Domain

Find the right financing to help your business grow

And last but not least, from our perspective, the key thing for UK business to keep in mind is that the financing options today stretch far beyond the bank. The fintech lending market has exploded providing UK business owners with more choice, opportunity and access than ever before. Seek out alternative platforms online that look at a wider set of criteria than traditional lenders for competitive and flexible funding

It’s time again in May. We look forward to seeing you there!

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