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Coca-Cola, Apple, MINI or Cadburry – we know them like family and have both factual and emotional associations with the companies and their products. Branding agencies are the masterminds behind this, ensuring customer engagement and loyalty.

This week’s Client Spotlight focuses on an exceptional branding agency based in North West England. The firm has over 40 years of experience in consulting, marketing and manufacturing and works with customers in the hospitality and retail industry.

To ensure continued growth, the agency will use a £25,000 fully unsecured loan to bridge short term working capital gaps due to expansion and new contracts.

According to the Creative Industries Council, the marketing and advertising industry contributes an estimated £87.4bn a year to the UK economy. But keeping up with changing trends can be challenging. With its flexible financing options, Spotcap helps companies grow and remain competitive. Want to find out more? Get in touch so we can help you and your business.