A Royal Kale Delivery

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Too busy to browse the aisles for your weekly food shop? Calendar too clogged to inspect for cracked eggs? For anyone too pressed to purchase in person, online grocery shopping has been an option offering real value.


A food delivery service in need of a fully unsecured business loan recently approached one of our partners. The firm, which has been operating for eight years, showed a strong pipeline of new clients and a well-managed bank account. After having looked at all the relevant financial information, Spotcap’s underwriting team approved a £25k loan to help the food delivery service manage their cash flow.


Proud of the produce from the South West, the business aims to share their locally sourced foods to doormats beyond their region. As many as 14% of Brits currently do all of their grocery shopping online, up from 7% in 2014. With this positive trend expected to continue, we wish the company the best of success going forward.