Accountant Helps Century Old Law Firm

Accountants are increasingly supporting their clients with financial advice. This growth has opened up the door to more relationships between alternative finance lenders and accountants. The two can work together to provide more options and better outcomes for businesses.

Through our network of over 500+ accountants we receive many cases, in particular from the professional services sector. It is well-suited to our unsecured offering as these firms are lighter on assets to lend against should they require some financial flexibility.

We recently worked with an accountant partner to support a law firm who needed financing for support with cashflow. An unexpected expense put them in a situation where they needed a capital boost. Thanks to a stable performance and solid financials we were able to quickly step in and help working with their accountant.

With a £50k fully unsecured business loan from Spotcap the firm will be able to continue helping individuals and businesses navigate the ins and out of the UK legal codes…perhaps even until for a century more or so.